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Mari Schoenberg

Ford C Max Is A Sports Vehicle In Disguise

Today, 11:57 am
Posted by m13y
The 16-cyclinder, four turbocharger monster also hugs the road at a rate of 1.4 Gs, almost as good as the Porsche 917 all-conquering racecar did in the 1970s. To me, this is a street legal race car that is currently faster than anything else on the planet that doesn't fly.

It was fitted with the 4.3 litre Ford V8 unit. All the cars built were shipped to the US, except for 56. It was not until 1965 that the cars were available in the UK.

Over 38,000 of the Jag E Type Series 1 were built. Designed by Malcolm Sayer it has always being considered one of the most beautiful cars ever built. It cost little more than its immediate predecessor, the Jaguar XK150S, and weighed in at over 500lbs less. And at just over 2,000 in Britain it was also affordable compared to other "pure" supercars of its era. In America it sold for $5,600 at its launch, compared to the Aston Martin DB4 which was $10,400, and the Ferrari 250GT Cabriolet which was $12,600.

Over the last 100 years, we've gone from very slow, to very fast, and every few years it seems, a new King of the production fast cars comes along. More recently there have been so many new "hyper-cars" that we often don't realise its faster. Take the Bugatti Veyron for example. This is one fast fast car, and many believe it to be the worlds fastest production car. That however is wrong.

There are some great sports cars for sale that are ignored by the market because of trends, buyer tastes and demand. Consequently, the market overlooks some great sports car values. The sports car buyer who knows what he wants can find some fantastic buys in some of the Jaguar and Austin-Healey models that are overlooked.

Brabus has been able to squeeze a 6.1 liter V-8 into the SLK it is based on the AMG 5.4 liter V-8. The engine is bored out and has a long stroke crankshaft to get 6.1 liters, and it will set you back about $38,000 thats just for the engine, the bits that go with it and installation.

On the negative side, the brakes lacked feel compared personal Cars of car racers to those on the Superleggeras competitors like the Porsche GT3 and Ferrari 430. On a related note, the carbon ceramics run $15,600. Thats pretty expensive considering Porsches superb PCCBs only cost $8,800. For most buyers, however, all the Superleggera has to do is make a good noise on highway on-ramps and attract a bit of attention as you pull up to your destination. In that sense, the Superleggera is a fantastic supercar with a hint of track-day engineering to go along with it.

This heralded the birth of the rejuvenated Sunbeam Alpine sports car which over the course of car news and would be manufactured as a series of five variants.

The Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Roadster comes with a power ignition hardtop, which is a modification from the previous SL design. It is probably the most extravagant aspect on the design. However, the most awesome feature in this car is its mechanical features that come with a V12 engine and produces 604-hp. The car can blast you away in a glimpse because of its speed.

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