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Fern McNish

How Can You Be Gluten Free

Yesterday, 11:17 pm
Posted by fmcnish
food entrepreneur

It's an intolerance to gluten, which is found in grains such as wheat, rye, barley and oats. Gluten is a popular binding agent and filler for just about everything from drugs to soy sauce.

You have to carefully watch the labels of the foods which you purchase. One shock that I 'd while correcting to the gluten free diet was that all of the soups made by Campbell's feature gluten. Farewell to my precious tomato soup. That is OK - with a tiny investigation I found a wonderful tomato soup made gluten free by another manufacturer.

Develop a one sentence "elevator speech" that pithily describes your merchandise, and let it be the first thing from the mouth when you pitch the press or are selling someone on your product. The Green Tea Terrace of Tokyo Coca Cola made green tea lattes and cappuccinos. When we called the press about them, we started with "The 'Starbucks of Green Tea' is opening shops throughout the U.S." Making the comparison to Starbucks describes what the company does, and the phrase supplies a graphic Polaroid picture image in the mind. Developing words into images is a killer secret that tells the story of your product in one simple sentence and wins the hearts of journalists.

To promote their bread as the key to the ultimate gluten free sandwich, Udi's ran a contest, November, 2010, titled "We're Bringing Sandwich Back". This was a contest which included customers sharing their favourite sandwich recipe and the Grand Prize Winner would win a year supply of free Udi's Gluten Free Bread. That would make A LOT of grilled cheese! Additionally vying for the top place to be the chosen GF sandwich bread is Rudi's. They launched their "Spread the Bread" coupon campaign, January, 2011. For every $1 off coupon downloaded for a loaf of bread of Rudi's Gluten Free Bread, Rudi's will give a dollar to help better educate physicians in the identification of celiac disease.

Ready for a little science? Gluten consists of two kinds of proteins - one is the gliadins, the other is the glutenins. In the digestive tract, these proteins each break down further into peptides that are distinct. These peptides are made of strings of amino acids, somewhat like atlanta metro Celiacs a string of pearls. It's the makeup of some of these peptides that causes trouble for celiac diet. The gliadin assortment of gluten proteins is the most harmful, but some research has demonstrated adverse reactions to the glutenin proteins as well. OK, enough of the technical talk for now.

You'll find an extensive assortment of all the other products in the Scrubz line, and scents for Scrubz, Butterz, Oilz. There are fruity aromas, citrus aromas, floral scents, musky scnts, minty aromas, seasonal aromas, and, of course, unscented products for those with the most sensitive of noses. Perry also attempts to be eco-friendly--all of her products are obtainable in "just the jar" (meaning no scoop, rag, or tote included) to save on resources; when you order a "merely the jar" merchandise there's a 5% savings on the purchase and Scrubz contributes some of each sale to Greenpeace USA.

These rules are important if you are supposed to be eating a diet that is celiac. Once you learn these rules you'll have the ability to enhance your health. Over time you'll discover that following this diet becomes easier and easier, while it might seem challenging initially and it's going to force you to feel better also.

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