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beats by dre 83 years old woman floating on the wa

Apr 10th 2012, 4:28 am
Posted by quv3053i
Get a bit hungry ,the old man in the water while training ,eating dumplings report from our correspondent since 83 years oldZhang Yufen wanted to challenge Guinness records story out, Zhang Yufen became a celebrity ,where there is to learn .
The old man to challenge Guinness to prepare to run every day ,swimming pool ,as is in the best condition to meet the challenges .Yesterday 9 when ,Zhang Yufen in his daughter accompaniment, arrived at the Changchun City Shuangyang District of the Royal Dragon hot spring swimming pool ,for up to 13 hoursof floating exercises .
At noon she was hungry ,eat dumplings in the water .Video :83 yearsold woman floating on the water for more than 10 hoursto challenge Guinness to record source :Hunan evening to swimming training yesterday temperature of 21 DEG C,think the weather is good, Zhang Yufen and daughter decided to Royal Dragon hot spring for fitness training .
Since determined to break the Guinness world record ,Zhang Yufen every day to evening, carrying her small cloth bag ,came to the swimming pool to start training . I put the Changchun City natatorium have traveled, everywhere I feel the environment and water temperature ,and ultimately determine the quality of a good swimming pool ,as our long-term training places ,where the water is very clear ,and there are not many people ,I can feel at ease in the training .
Zhang Yufen said .Usually ,Zhang Yufen in order to enhance physical fitness, always like to walk ,52 year old daughter,Li Aihua said ,my mother walks quickly ,sometimes I can not catch up with the pace of her .
Her body is very good, always exercise ,now is not a bit confused .In the age of eight years old ,a lot of hair was gray ,and Zhang Yufen hair is good ,only a little white hair ,no hair loss .
Zhang Yufen said ,I always exercise the body ,promote the blood circulation ,so little hair off ,did not become so white .The old man always speaks like squinting eyes laughing, with her feeling very happy .
A friend to her knitted wool swimsuits in the swimming area change room ,Zhang Yufen swimsuit out, unique style and material attracted the attention of reporters ,this is what brand swimsuit ah ,think and ordinary swimsuits are not the same ?The reporter has doubts asks .
At this point, Zhang Yufen smiled and said ,this is my friend give me woven wool swimsuits ,used 3 twowool woven ,put it in the water is very warm ,but the pattern is very good .This blue suit ,every time Zhang Yufen will wear out swimming ,integral style ,very suitable for the elderly ,and the rear or Bikini style ,looks a bit saucy .
Daughter Li Aihua said ,some swimming pool water temperature is relatively low ,the mother was wearing this suit ,can let her in the water is warm ,and the suit is relatively strong ,but she went swimming every day ,the general is not strong .
The mother looked at in the water freely swimming ,daughter Li Aihua stood aside carefully watched ,sometimes also stood by command .Floating on the water 13 hours ofchallenging the limit in the 50 meters in length of theswimming pool ,Zhang Yufen first expertly made warm up ,stretching stretching is not a little trouble ,while the flexible water ,began to swim two laps freestyle ,she then transform into backstroke .
Swim to the rise in the water ,turning a somersault somersault movements ,so standard ,there are old ornamental ,specially in the water to the shore of Beck ,also off the goggles ,made a gesture of victory .
At 83 years oldcan have so physically and mentality, many visitors find humbling .Zhang Yufen said :the most important of life is the mentality ,time to relax ,but also exercise the body ,so that people can get healthy .
In order to let people know what he could float on water for many hours? Yesterday 9 when ,daughter Li Aihua deliberately took mother arrived at the hot spring swimming pool ,intending to travel to yesterday 22 when swimming pool closed out ,beats by dre,a total of up to 13 hours of floating challenge ,have a look whether Zhang Yufen can bear .
Daughter Li Aihua said ,every time and mother are swimming ,swimming pool close to it, mother swam a day without feeling tired ,which I admire ,I stuck to nap .Yesterday, Zhang Yufen practiced rise swam up the breaststroke ,instant and converted to butterfly ,became the focus of the pool .
Do not delay the training water dumplings yesterday 12 when ,the old man is swimming in the water be tired ,but to challenge the limit is not floating ,old man ashore .Daughter Li Aihua specially for mother prepared a small dumplings ,this small dumpling and eat one ,even the mother floating in the water ,eating it is not strenuous .
Prior to the mother to eat porridge ,this has changed into dumplings ,dumplings to eat up have a look in the water side is not convenient .Li Aihua said .In water ,the daughter of Li Aihua use chopsticks dumpling ,slowly into Zhang Yufen mouth ,the old man floating in the water ,but also normal feeding and swallowing ,easily ,in succession ate 8 dumplings.
The old man in the water also said ,if the water is good .The old man lovely appearance caused the other swimmers . The granny is who ?Can float in water ,can be really terrible ah, I want to worship him as a teacher .
A boy says .6 of the poolexercises boy ,also moved up to Zhang Yufen for advice ,floating experience ,but they practise for half an hour without practice . I have felt legs sink ,but also some choke water, it seems my swimming state is made ,is admirable .
For a time, Zhang Yufen became a swimming celebrity news ,many swimmers also came to watch Zhang Yufen float .Some imitation ,some applause ,gave Zhang Yufen a kind of great encouragement, I challenge the Guinness world record for very confident ,will also continue to practise ,and so the time is ripe ,began to challenge .

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