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best headphones Insurance salesman to buy citizen

Apr 10th 2012, 4:28 am
Posted by quv3053i

(Reporter Muyi, correspondent Miao Chun Meng) Yesterday, reporter learned from the Haidian Public Security Bureau, the police have uncovered with illegally selling personal information of citizens cases, suspected of selling and purchasing of the personal information of citizens suspects by police criminal detention. Which was captured by the purchase of personal information among the suspects, including two insurance company clerk.

According to the Haidian Public Security Bureau police station in Yongding Road, Wang Linrui, long ago, his plain-clothed group of penetrating police found mobile SMS group sending of an agent located in Qinghe district business is to each message The price of 20 cents to 50 cents, to provide customers with the customer information, including some banks, car owner information includes information such as name, phone, address or unit content. May 27, the police suddenly appeared in front of the manager of the company entering into a transaction Zhao, and arrested him. It is understood that when the police implementation of the arrest, Zhao is the $ 500 price for sale to customers in a named Li 1260 personal information. Books found in Zhao office, the police has arrested within a week the two other illegal purchase of citizen information the suspect of an insurance company salesman Tony and Xu Xu once the price of 5000 yuan to buy 10000 personal information.

According to the company manager Zhao accountable, since last year, his company's business downturn,best headphones, will purchase a variety of citizens' information through illegal means. Two months ago, he released through the network news of the sale of personal information, and will soon contact him. Zhao account of such personal information, depending on the content involved, the price is not the same, such as luxury car owners each sell 5 cents, while the ordinary owner of a vehicle information for each of two cents. As of captured Zhao million yuan profit by selling personal information.

At present, Zhao and 3 of the purchase of personal information on suspicion of illegal access to personal information of citizens by the Haidian Police criminal detention according to law, police have seized personal information is all archived. The reporter learned that, in the case of a large number of wire fraud and other criminal gangs took advantage of citizens illegally obtained personal information to commit fraud crime, the Beijing police since last year stepped up efforts to crack down on illegal sale of personal information of citizens behavior.

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