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louis vuitton bags The police raided the bath cent

Apr 10th 2012, 1:51 am
Posted by quv3053i
One female flee the platform nude John Bath Center Press reported Liu Jingchao /   ;the police raided the bath center ,trading under the clients and one female flee in panic ,a client even the clothes are worn as naked as when one was born before ,climbing flight .
.. ... This scene was shot down by a user ,and upload network ,quickly net exposure anti-vice live a naked floor run a by a large number of reprint .After a survey ,it happened in Changchun City, Lijiang garden district near the Xin Yang bath club two floor platform .
> ;> ;post :find classmates found shame a post said :April 26th, no classes in the afternoon to play out of the window ,suddenly heard the commotion ,saw the real man on the run, feeling something is going to happen ,then pick up the camera observation ,later learned was Changchun police raid .
Many friends in the surround the naked men escape behavior after the statement .Netizen home cooking said :who Lords ah ,let his wife and children are a disgrace !7 photos show a ugly posted 7 photoswere released ,recorded by John and slip women escape behavior .
First photo: two bare-chested men and two scantily clad women from bath center two floor platform from one side to the other side .Second pictures :two women about to run platform opposite the one dweller building ,while behind them 10 meters place,a little body fat ,wearing only a pair of clients is just from the bath ran out ,the running direction is also a platform opposite the resident building .
Third pictures :a naked men appeared -- perhaps because of too much confusion ,this is more than 30 years old ,short ,stocky, John was in nature from bath center on the third floor ran out, presumably did not see in front of female lead ,the client is not from the platform to the residents of the building ,but the choice of climbing away .
Fourth photos :the naked clients left foot to two floor of a hotel chimney ,both hands holds the floor body protruding portion ,going down .Fifth photos :the naked clients hands up to the protruding part of the living body ,legs natural vertical ,completely suspended ,have a bit inadvertent fall down from the sky .
Sixth photos :the naked men left hand and still the building body ,but the right hand has been clinging to the side of a rusty exhaust pipes ,the feet also stepped in exhaust pipe fixing bracket .
Seventh photos :the naked clients have been thoroughly embraced a smoke exhaust pipeline along the pipeline ,is a little down the smooth ... ... > ;> ;reporter :a step examine escape route is full of thorn through the photos on the available information ,the reporter found naked men climb escape site .
After the observation can be confirmed ,the naked clients from Changchun City Lijiang garden district near the Xin Yang bath club two floor platform stairs run away, because a building two floor is a store room, two floor platform vertical distance to the ground at least eight or nine meters ,and the clients to climb the exhaust pipe badly rusted .
While the exhaust pipe below the environment is quite bad ,broken glass ,waste ,construction waste are scattered on the ground ,it is hard to imagine the clients as naked as when one was born when escape is how important ,panic .
> ;> ;reporter :the photographer may be a student reporter hope to find someone ,in order to maximize the reduction of the circumstances ,although according to the online photo shoot angle found someone may be living room ,but the reporter at noon and in the evening two knocking the house nobody .
The near neighbor said :this house is rented out ,rent a house is a young man, like still a student .He was not a regular live here .> ;> ;nearby residents :didn the scene but bath center is quite messy Lijiang garden building community one facing the Xin Yang bath Club behind, but nearby residents that do not have seen people in 26 that daynaked escape .
The first floor of the three units at a supermarket rear door is run by the exhaust pipe ,louis vuitton bags,the supermarket boss said: did not pay attention to ah ,this two day has not talked about this matter !On the four floor residential Ms.
Lee window can see the bath Club panorama of the platform ,although she did not see, but for the bath club she was quite well :this will be all the many missteps female ,they often walk in club on the third floor ,dressed up very few, the building of a afraid their children see a neighbor ,took the club to the divisions ,later the club put on the third floor windows were bricked up ,but still can often see one woman in platform walking .
> ;> ;a reporter visiting :many women leave the club signs have been removed according to the nearby neighbors ,the bath club in Lijiang Garden Room 301 unit 1 building there is a room ,from bath club two floor platform can go into this room ,I shot the first sheet and the second sheet in the photo, female clients and escape destination should be the room .
At thirteen thirty yesterday ,reporters went to a unit 301 rooms door ,there is just out of a modish ,are calling a young woman ,though she said by telephone. I coming out of the back door ,but the reporter the woman said room is home .
In the next 5 minutes,from this room has walked 3 men dressed asa fashionable young woman .At the same time ,in Xin Yang bath center front gate has also walked out of a few woman .Subsequently the reporter wants to enter the club interview ,but found the front door has been the waiter dead lock .
14, the bath Club posted interior decoration to suspend business .Nineteen thirty, the reporter found that the club sign above the roof has been removed .> ;> ;police voice : 26 days on the bath raids yesterday, a reporter from the Changchun police learned that ,on day 26, the police on the bath club to undertake assault is checked ,but police did not disclose more information .

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