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louis vuitton wallet 89 years old in nursing homes

Apr 10th 2012, 1:51 am
Posted by quv3053i
Families in the worship of hanging woman.Family members questioned the hospital management of elderly granddaughter said, nursing home staff told her grandmother, while staff to the balcony to take clothes, ran to the balcony and then jumped down.
She asked, why the balcony door unlocked?Why the balcony railing only knee-high?The newspaper news (reporter Lin Xiahong) "my spirit is very good, last night we gave her fruit.She is afraid of death, how could jump off building!"Ms.
Yang station in Guangzhou City, South Liwan District source street "Jiajia Le elderly care center" two floor balcony next, grief and indignation.Downstairs, 89 year old grandmother was the lone lying in the ground is cold and wet, noon 1 pm yesterday, the old man from the nursing home two floor balcony fall away.
Family: she's afraid, how will jump off building?Yesterday midday 1 when much, in South Street Primary School opposite the gate source ring crest sells newspapers land aunt (a pseudonym) was come unexpectedly the muffled a scare, take a look, a lady from next to the upstairs down!The old man seems to have her eighties, she was on the floor in agony struggled, again also cannot move, blood streaming from her old, weak left arm is broken.
The old granddaughter Yang arrived later, could not help but suddenly asked loudly: "last night the spirit of her good.She is most afraid of death, how she could jump off building?"But nobody answered her question.
Ms. Yang said, the old man is 89 years old this year.Due to her busy day, unable to take care of the elderly, this year's new year's day,louis vuitton wallet, Ms. Yang took the old man to the left is only two miles to the nursing home.
"This here in their old age, but a such a thing.We never say, mind is also guilty died."She cried.The two floor balcony only knee-high man lived in the room from the balcony at a distance.Ms. Yang said, nursing home staff told her grandmother, while staff to the balcony to take clothes, ran to the balcony and then jumped down, when the gripper grasping feet are not catch.
She asked, why the balcony door unlocked?She pointed to the balcony guardrail asked, why only knee-high barrier, she easily skip?Ms. Yang said, with my roommate in an elderly grandmother often steal the fruit, grandma's lunch box to be broken.
Once the grandmother a 100 plurality of clothes stolen hiding in the quilt.However they are reflected to the nursing home, the hospital said Grandma framed by others.Miss Yang is forecasted, grandma is possible here and bullied, just want to be illogical temporarily jumped building.

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